Another Damn Disappointment is a great band from California. i found them on the website when i was searching for more bands to put on this site, and boy did i find a good one. their songs are really awesome and download worthy. i can't wait till they get big enough to tour all over and come here cuz i'll definitely be going to see them. you should too.

*Band line up*
Josh- vocals
Casey- bass
Ross- guitar
John- drums

*Interview with John the drummer*

Q. 1 * How would you guys describe your music?

John-I would describe our music as...energenic.  Playing fast punk rock is pretty draining, and a lot of punk bands show it..and you can even hear it on their CD. Yeah..energenic is a good word to describe our music, on both a listening and observing level.

Q. 2 * Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?

John- We never really get into arguments..more of positive criticism that gets misunderstood...and stuff like that.

Q. 3 * Which of your songs if your favorite one, and why?

John-I think I can speak for the band and say that the most fun songs to play depend on a certain mood, the place and the people's reactions.  I'm sure each one of us has our favorites..though

*-*more to come later*-*

*Tour Dates*

The Boardwalk
Shake Down, The Expendables

In Plymith
Motor Cross Big Air Extreme

Canes in San Diego
Mix Mob, Defrost, Momentum

The Zepher in Reno, Nevada

The Colonial Theatre in Sacramento
ShakeDown and Slightly Stupid

The U-Turn in Auburn

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"yea i know it's not the nicest part of town, there's crack dealers all around but to us it's home sweet home..."