-Radio 104 presents - Five Bands For Five Bucks-
*Gob* *Glassjaw* *Diffuser* *Madcap* *Simple Plan*
- Webster Theatre - Hartford, CT - March 27, 2003 -
*note-these pics are pretty bad, sorry*


a lovely shot of Caitis & Jess, but if you look closely you can see Theo.



Tom & Theo.

Simple Plan

an awesome pic of some random person's hand.

the band rockin out.

Pierre being killed by a fan haha.

Pierre laughing at the crowd.

Pierre singing to the crowd.

the guys signing autographs after the show.

Kelsey, Seb & Mooley.

Seb & Caitis.

Mooley, Pierre & Kelsey.

some ugly god awful beast with Pierre and Caitis.

"go away i'm afraid with you there could be no escape i have no faith, i've seen truth and reason down the drain but i cling to you for survival and i know that you are my bible get out i'm scared, for the moment but i know you'll be there well, i'm scared for the moment but i know you'll be there..."