gob is an awesome band from canada (REPRESENT!!) that i've been a fan of for about 5 years now. they've been making music and causing laughter since their debut cd came out in 1994. i've only had the chance to see them live twice, but both times they put on an amazing show. i recomend seeing them to anyone who is looking for a good time. not only do they put on an awesome show, but they are super nice about signing autographs (got my ticket stub and ass) and talking to fans, (even if they bitch about their lack of muchmusic). everyone should check out gob. they make me proud to be canadian.

*Band line up*
theo - guitarist/vocalist
tom - guitarist/vocalist
craig - bassist
gabe - drummer

coming soon!

*Tour Dates*

Dec 14
The Trasheteria

Dec 15
The Foundation

Dec 16
The Embassy Hotel

Dec 17
Mike Bullard Show

Dec 18
w/ simple plan

Dec 19
Congress Centre
w/ simple plan

Dec 20
w/ simple plan

Jan 19
Shibuya AX
Tokyo, JP
w/ mest

Jan 20
Shibuya AX
Tokyo, JP
w/ mest

Jan 21
Clubb Quattro
Nagoya, JP
w/ mest

Jan 22
Big Cat
Osaka, JP
w/ mest

Jan 24
Fukuoka, JP
w/ mest

Click above picture to hear some mp3s.

The Official Gob Site

"go away i'm afraid with you there could be no escape i have no faith, i've seen truth and reason down the drain but i cling to you for survival and i know that you are my bible get out i'm scared, for the moment but i know you'll be there well, i'm scared for the moment but i know you'll be there..."