Hidden In Plain View is an awesome band from New Jersey i discovered in september '02. but boy do i wish i had a lot sooner because they are amazing and have quickly become one of my favorite bands. they put on one of the most amazing and energetic performances i've ever seen by any local band. hell they even beat out a lot of today's mainstream artists. i try to see these guys everytime they're in the area and i even brought them cupcakes once. they recently signed with drive thru records so congrats to them, they really deserve it. not only do they rock their asses off on stage but they take the time to talk and hang out with fans after the shows. you all should check them out, you won't be disappointed in the least.

*Band line up*
Joe - vocals
Chris- bass
Mike- guitar, backing vocals
Jay- drumbs, backing vocals
Rob- vocals, guitar

*Interview with Mike*

Q. 1 * How would you guys describe your music?
Really hard but at the same time catchy. Something people can listen to and hopefully be in a good mood from.

Q. 2 * Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?
Of course we get into arguments, all bands do. It's part of working together. The only effect it has on our music is that it'll make it stronger.

Q. 3 * Which of your songs is your favorite one, and why?
I think my favorite to play live is a new song called Hollywood. My overall favorite is a brand new we havent released yet. It has so much energy, and then gets really calm. It's really chaotic sounding, and I love it.

Q. 4 * What was your most embarassing moment on stage?
Probably when I almost fell of the stage once at Bloomfield Ave Cafe, but it was funny!

Q. 5 * If you were a sex toy, what would you be & why?
I would be a booby tassle, just because, I dunno it'd be cool.

Q. 6 * Seriously now, How much DO you love us?
|-----------------------------------------| This much!

*Tour Dates*

July 23rd
Club Krome Lounge
South Amboy, NJ
The Teen Idols, The Fight, Words Away, District 6 

  July 24th
Charleroi VFW
Charleroi, PA
The Teen Idols, The Fight

  July 25th
The Mission
Toledo, OH
The Teen Idols, The Fight

  July 26th
The Metro
Chicago, IL
August Premiere, Punchline

  August 1st
Sound Waves
Reading, PA
The Early November, Copeland, Capgun Heros, Break For Safety

  August 9th
Hardbean Underground
West Reading, PA
Break For Safety, 10 Seconds Too Late

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"just wait and see, you're everything i want don't take this from me now and these cold winter nights, without you next to me it feels like twenty below. frostbite on my heart this pain and suffering are feelings that you don't know, does it feel like, feel like twenty below..."