Interested in finding new music?? You've come to the right place. Here it is kids-A listing of some of the greatest local, unsigned, signed, underappreciated, or even ones who get radio play. Let em rock Your Socks Off :)

.:click a letter to see the bands that start with that corresponding letter:.

.all american rejects. .another damn disappointment. .the ataris.
.blaked. .brand new.
.changing skin. .common effect. .count the stars.
.dead legend. .decoy. .the deftones.

.fall out boy. .finch. .fingertight. .former teenage idols.
.gob. .goldfinger. .good charlotte. .greyfield.
.hidden in plain view.

.the juliana theory.

.last kyd picked.
.mest. .monty's fan club.

.our lady peace. .outlet. .ozma.
.the pennyroyals. .placebo. .pottiffers penny.

.ratbag hero.
.seventh grade underdog. .shooting blanks. .sickcell. .skippy and the peanutbutter starship. .sleeping under 47. .slim jim comspiracy. .something corporate. .story of the year. .sugarcult.
.taking back sunday. .three eleven. .throne. .the trackrecord. .twenty one rest.
.under my skin. .the used.