Interview With The Band

Q. 1 How would you guys describe your music?

Rob : We are loud, raw, loners who put blaked together with a tribe esque idea in mind. We like writing things full if sincere. We manipulate and coerce electricity into doing our bidding and it comes out of our shows as overdriven, angular, percussive, emotional rock sculpture that at first may seem to have only been given the broad strokes. But there are details to the keen of ear. We hoope that our displacement of energy at shows is hypnotic. We fall into each other at times. Pals

Jeremy : i would describe blaked as melodic with angular guitars and rompin' drums. or simply "rock music" will do.

Aaron : chaotic, melodic

Q. 2 Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?

Rob :We do occasionaly bicker but it's usually good humored and its when a bit of our equipment is haunted and doesn't want to do our bidding. We don't argue about how poor most of us are though because that would be a waste of time. So would arguing a lot. We love each other and we love what we're trying ot do which goes beyond the music.

Jeremy : We have never had an argument yet where people have gotten all pissed off at eachother, but im sure someday we'll have one. as result we will probably make angry white boy music

Aaron : The only arguments we ever get into involve Steve's hair, which really is an argument in itself.

Q. 3 Which of your songs if your favorite one, and why?

Rob : My favorite song of ours is Vermillion Lips. It will be on the mp3 site soon enough. I love it because it holds a very deep part in one of my scars. It goes from sounds of loud dischord, to a very tranquil and melodic verse and then into all manner of strange. Which is a wonderful analogy of me at the present time. A tad catchy but for the most part too hard to digest. I love chipping teeth and breaking strings when WE play this song live.

Jeremy : My favorite is the recently written "us/them". thats kinda the direction we are headin' and the direction that most suits my drumming style, so its alllllllllllllllllllll good.

Aaron : Blaked loves each song equally, although we do admit to instances of favoritism at times. Right now, the ones getting my special treatment are two new ones (RoseStorm and Us/Them) probably because they are new

Q. 4 What was your most embarassing moment on stage with Blaked?

Rob : I have a wondering fly on these dope pair of pants I wear. The fly likes to fall down sometimes, like a venus fly trap. Thats funny. No, so my fly came down at a show because I love these pants and have to wear them, the rock took the zipper down and when I was saying something to the beloved listeners/observers/mullet heads, a girl notified me through signals (charades) that I was going to let the cows out, that it was a little drafty in here. People understood and I like to think I took it like a champ. I like being naked and would play that way if it wouldn't hurt, but as much as I like naked, I dislike the thought of going to jail.

Jeremy : Well, i cant think of anything off the top of my head, but i usually have my mouth open alot while playing and i get so totally engrossed in playing that i forget to swallow. so sometimes saliva will leave my mouth when im not expecting it. i blame it on terrorism.

Aaron : I can't remember all that many. Hard drinking can do that to you

Q. 5 If you were a sex toy, what would you be & why?

Rob : Rob Deshazer. As much as I love observing thigs and taking time to contemplate and discuss and think about many things on an intellectual level, I really like having a great time and I don;t like to sacrifice the moment for too much thinking. I like to live. I want to fill my life with so many good memories. Why does this relate? Well, I guess I'm saying that I don't mind being labelled when certain circumstances arrive. i.e. The bedroom. Push my buttins and I offer a wide arrangement of intensity levels, ranging from slow and passonate, to sloppy and afectionate, to mr. toads wild ride. I also offer a range of extras, from spoon me afterwards, to leave afterwards, to get me a glass of water and then get in your cage afterwards. That last part reserved for soemone I love. Get one today. Did you laugh at all thorugh any of that??? I'm glad.

Jeremy : some say im a dick. so i guess im all natural

Aaron : I can't speak for myself personally as that would give waaaay too much information, but I like to think of Blaked the band as fur-lined handcuffs--steely to hold your attention, but gentle for maximum pleasure.

Q. 6 Seriously now, How much DO you love us?

Rob : Vicki, I, We, all of us love you. We will rub feet for you. We will get down on our knees for you. There is a vast spectrum of things we are in your debt for, but does being in your debt make us love you? hell no!! You being the awesome person you are makes us love you. Thank you Vicki, for helping/believing/loving us. And as far as the other mistress of this site. Any friend of Vicki's, you know the rest. I will enjoy meeting you very much. I hope it will be soon.

Jeremy : I love you as much as my wife will permit me

Aaron : We love you exactly 1.21 giggowatts (which is the power equal to a bold of lightning. Remember Dr. Brown?)