Our Lady Peace is an amazing band from Canada i'm sure all of you have heard of. if you haven't, where the hell have you been the past 10 years while olp has been kicking ass in the music scene? i have been a fan for many years, but so have a lot of others. what's not to like? good music. amazing lyrics. and they're canadian. gotta love that. i've only seen them once but that show has gone down in the books as the greatest show i've ever gone to. and i've been to quite a few. they didn't have to play a show the next day so they played an extra long set - 2 and a half hours long. it was the most beautiful show ever. in fact i cried, along with many others. but with a band this amazing you're allowed to cry at their shows.

*Band line up*
Jeremy - drums
Raine - vocals / guitar
Steve - guitar
Duncan - bass

*Interview coming soon!*

*Tour Dates*

OLP is not currently on tour. check back for dates.

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"maybe you should sleep, maybe you just need a friend, as clumsy as you've been there's no one laughing, you will be safe in here..."