Outlet is an awesome band from my hometown, Stratford, CT. I've known and loved these guys for years. I went to school with Ryan and John for 4 years and enjoyed many of their firsts along with them. I went to their first ever gig before they were even Outlet, i saw them at the mall talent show when we were in 8th grade, i have the very first copy of 'the smelly dog' released to the public, and i was fan of the month twice because i rock. lol. i will always feel connected to them somehow because i was there and i'm going to stick by them forever. i <3 you guys!

*Band line up*
John/Yogurt-bass/backing vocals
Kyle-guitar/backing vocals

*Interview with whole band*
Q. 1 How would you guys describe your music?

Paul: rock with a punky grungey edge

Ryan: I would describe our music as rock n roll.

John/Yogurt: Fun rock music that makes you wanna sing and dance

Kyle: Its more of a rock style of punk.....i dont really know how it can be described, i cant really compare us to another band, and i dont know if there is a word for us....but hey, ill create one......we are "narfly punk"......thats right....narfly....

Q. 2 Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?

Paul: yea all the time me and ryan usualy fight because of music and kyle and ryan fight because they hate each other.

Ryan: Yeah, but its not like about stupid shit, its always about music and what should be done to songs and stuff. Yeah it effects songs because it makes them cooler.

John/Yogurt: Yes all the time, and no it dosnt effect the music

Kyle: We get into arguements like everyday.....no it doesnt affect the music at all...if anything, it's fun cuz we all laugh and its pretty hilarious when we yell at eachother

Q. 3 Which of your songs if your favorite one, and why?

Paul: our new song, that doesnt have a title. I like it cause its rockin!

Ryan: I like everyone one of our songs, but I like the new stuff the best.

John/Yogurt: Novelty, beucase its a very catchy number

Kyle: My favorite song has gotta be....celebration.....cuz, its like really hard through out the whole thing....there isnt any like, slow parts to the song.....and i think it generally sounds different than our other songs

Q. 4 What was your most embarassing moment on stage?

Paul: when my strap fell off when i tryd to look cool.

Ryan: I dont know, I like playing so I dont get embarassed

John/Yogurt: I dont realy have one, i wear sailor moon minni skirts on stage, and have watter shoot out my nippels and that dosnt embarass me at all

Kyle: my most embarrassing was......probably when we played a oddfellas show and my cord accidentally came out of my guitar and i didnt realize it.....so i played about half the song without a cord ...anddd i finally noticed when all these kids yelled at me to plug it back in...hehe, it was classic

Q. 5 If you were a sex toy, what would you be & why?

Paul: body choclate stuff cause i like chocoalte.

Ryan: a cucumber

John/Yogurt: a inflatable doll because you can use me allot.

Kyle: I would be a..........vibrator.... cuz i can shake, and girls would do me all the time

Q. 6 Seriously now, How much DO you love us?

Paul: this much <--------------------------------------> times 8

Ryan:You guys are cool

John/Yogurt: who is us

Kyle: I love you THIS much (you cant see right now but my arms are fully extended)

*Tour Dates*

Webster Theatre
Hartford CT
The Superspecs, Sleeping with your sister

Time Warp Kitchen

Empress Ballroom
Danbury CT

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