Placebo is an amazing band from london, england. oddly enough only one member of the band is english, the other two are american and swedish. crazy aint it? i first got into placebo back in like '96 or '97, back when they played good music on tv. they are an incredibly talented band and have well deserved fame all throughout the world. even though they aren't that well known here you have most likely heard them at one point or another. (HINT: THE CRUEL INTENTION'S SOUNDTRACK!) i love them to death and hopefully i'll get the opportunity to see them soon.

*Band line up*
Brian Molko -vocals/guitar
Stefan Olsdal - bass
Steve Hewitt - percussion

coming soon!

*Tour Dates*

Placebo is currently touring europe. clickherefor dates

Click above picture to hear some mp3s.

The Official Placebo Site

"all it takes is one decision, a lot of guts, a little vision to wave your worries and cares goodbye..."