Shooting Blanks is a band located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. I hadn't heard much of them, until one day when Matt emailed me about the site, in which case I checked out their website, busted a gut, and then said "YES I WANT be on the site that is" They describe themselves as's bound to be a good time. Can't WAIT to check these guys out.

Band Line Up
Matt Hoffman Guitar/Lead Vocals
John Brey Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Dan Drums
Corporate Deech Bass/Vocals

Interview With Matt

Q. 1 How would you guys describe your music?

Matt : drunkPunk...

Q. 2 Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?

Matt : I argue that Brey's too fat to be in the band, and then he says that I'm too short, and then lots of times we fire each other. We just fired Deech earlier this week because he got a job, and jobs are for pussies, but he's back in the band now. Lots of times we fire our drummer, Dan, when he messes up on stage live, but he's usually back in the band by next practice - we'll even let audience members fire Dan sometimes after a bad show. Sometimes when one of us really thinks the band sucks we'll fire ourselves...

Q. 3 Which of your songs if your favorite one, and why?

Matt : Hmmmm - tough question. I'm very fickle, so one week I'll really love one song, and then the next week I'll hate playing it and love another song. Right now I like the song "Simple Song" the best just cuz it's new, and we haven't played it too much, so I'm not insanely bored by it yet. Another favorite to play is "Ignore Me" cuz I get to scream a lot, and the rest of the band members get to yell "STUPID BITCH!" in it, so that's fun. I also like the song "Knee Deep In Shit's Creek" (also because I get to scream a lot), but the rest of the band thinks that song sucks, and since no one listens to me, we never get to play it live.....

Q. 4 What was your most embarassing moment on stage with SB?

Matt : Playing on stage with Brey is a constant embarrasment cuz he's so fat. Ha, Brey! - you're not here to defend yourself, fatty!!!....

Q. 5 If you were a sex toy, what would you be & why?

Matt : I don't know what I WOULD be, but I know that I WOULDN'T be anything edible (underwear, oils, paints, etc.), because Brey would most certainly eat me. Oh, I also probably wouldn't be a butt-plug cuz then you'd smell like poo all the time......

Q. 6 Seriously now, How much DO you love us?

Matt : I get down on my knees and pray every night that one of you lovely ladies is carrying my baby.....

Show Dates

Date Venue Location Time Cost Age Other Bands
02.28.04 The Mutiny Chicago, IL 10 PM FREE 21+ Diaper Fetish & Pistol Punch
03.06.04 The Zoo Chicago, IL 6 PM $5 ALL AGES TBA
03.13.04 Johnny Foxx's Santa Monica, California 7:30 PM $7 in advance, $10 at door Unknown Nothing Special + More TBA
03.15.04 The Gig Hollywood, California TBA TBA Unknown Nothing Special + More TBA
03.19.04 Double Down Saloon Las Vegas, Nevada 9:30 PM Unknown Unknown Nothing Special & More
03.26.04 Hoghead McDunna's Chicago, IL 11 PM $6 21+ Dark Green Bottles & The Burbanks

Wanna Hear Them?
CliCk HeRe!

Official Shooting Blanks Website