Sick Cell is a band based around the Algonquin area in Illinois. I've never seen them live, but my friend from high school, Jerry, is in the band, so I was able to get an on the spot interview from him while we were at work. They would best be described as hard rock and have played at venues such as The Double Door in Chicago, Rockhouse USA in Aurora, IL, and Rockhouse Cafe in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.
Due to differences in the band, Sick Cell has, sadly enough, chosen to break up and go their separate ways.

Band Line Up
Dave Lind Vocals
Jerry Kobeszko Bass
Matt Bremer Drums
Blake Pfaff Guitar

Interview With Jerry, The Bassist

Q. 1 How would you guys describe your music?

Jerry : Metal, with a lot of dynamical twists

Q. 2 Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?

Jerry : We argue quite a bit, but it helps by allowing us to filter out all the crappy ideas we have.

Q. 3 Who were your favorite band (s) that you have gotten to play shows with?

Jerry : Psych Ward, Dominion, and Into The Silence

Q. 4 What was your most embarassing moment on stage with PP?

Jerry : When I wrapped the cord to my bass around the microphone stand and knocked it down. You thought I was gonna have something interesting now, didn't you?

Q. 5 If you were a sex toy, what would you be & why?

Jerry : The only sex related object I can think of would be a camera, because I see a lot of action, but I'm never a part of it.

Q. 6 Seriously now, How much DO you love us?

Jerry : More than the crippled drummer from Def Leppard

There are currently no shows booked.

Wanna Hear Them?
CliCk HeRe!

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