Skippy & The Peanut Butter Starship

Band Line Up
Alan Bass/Vocals
Jamie Drums
Nick Trumpet
Paul Guitar
Dan Trombone/Vocals

Band Interview

Q. 1 How would you guys describe your music?

dan: intriguing in the fact that we have such a large variety of music, i dont really know how to describe our music except..... still i have no clue

nick: weird crap

alan: there's a lot of punk/ska, but i like to expand our horizons and play some 'weird music' too.

jamie: love making background music...haha

paul: Here goes, (clear throat),"um...Dude..we're like, a hybrid of &@$!, like weird-punk-loud-ska-death-Hawaiian band...yeah, we just stick what we're good",(come back later, my head hurts)

Q. 2 Do you guys ever get into arguments--and if so does it affect the music at all?

dan: only when jamie screws up... the fat asshole.... but when he is on... he is , and his boobies flail like there is no tomorrow

nick: yes, dan slows us down during practice, and the music is changed sometimes cuz he's a bitch

alan: we get in arguments over stupid things. like dan sometimes hates my chord progressions....but we fix all arguments with war of the monsters, or timesplitters...some video game.

jamie: yes, ALL THE TIME!...usually dan is PMSing so he just complains about, piss, moan....he doesnt shut up!

paul: there's five of us, and we're all 17-18 years old, it happens. Just picture your last road trip, only no one has to be responsible for driving....and Dan Tripp won't stop farting into the microphone.

Q. 3 Which of your songs if your favorite one, and why?

dan: hopefully if i will become unlazy and work on our new song, it will be that one, but until then.... philip is the best because of the unstability of the beat

nick: crabs, sounds the best

alan: i don't know, they're all fun to play. sometimes my hand cramps up during certain songs because i rock too hard. i don't like that.

jamie: i like our version of "Wild Thing"...paul is awesome., but crabs comes in a close second, because of my solos i play in it....haha.

paul: Personally,I like Crabs; probalbly the best thing Alan has written(nod)

Q. 4 What was your most embarassing moment on stage?

dan: i had to perform in a musical, Li'l Abner to be exact, and I hit puberty while we were practicing and i never recovered until it was too late..... damn male hormones

nick: been on stage twice, nothing embarassing

alan: forgetting the words or mixing up verses is always embarrassing. luckily, nobody notices.

jamie: my most embarassing moment has to be our first time at our high school variety show. It was our last song, and i was going for a fill right at the beginning of the song and my stick broke and flew 6ft in the air, flew aross stage and landed neer then end of the stage.....then all you see me doing in the video is reaching for another stick under my leg....that sucked. Then another time was our first show...and my bass drum peddle broke! in the middle of the set.

paul: I'm always using other people's equipment, During a practice for the Variety Show I was using one of Alan's cords that had a loose end for the foot switch. It came loose duing a song and every one saw me fumbling around the floor pluging it back in. Of course, everyone thought I dropped a pick (something I've never done, knock on wood)

Q. 5 If you were a sex toy, what would you be & why?

dan: lube.... if that is concidered a toy, because i just need lube for my bone

nick: vibrator, cuz those please the most

alan: the one that some girl sort of likes to begin with, but then always finds the better one that doesn't flake out. haha, but in all seriousness -- a double-headed dildo hovercraft. i think it suits me.

jamie: HaHa....i would have to agree with dan and be lube...we all need suckling....what? haha

paul: Jamie McMahon -- ask someone who knows him (whip crack). Just kidding, I'd probably be something that glows in the dark (I'd hate to get lost somewhere dark and stinky)

Q. 6 Seriously now, How much DO you love us?

dan: i dont love anyone

nick: tara sez a whole bunch

alan: i don't personally know you right now (i hope to), but what you're doing (by creating an online community dedicated to the local band scene) is a great thing and i support you fully. i wish i could radiate with your awesomenessity, but again in all seriousness -- perhaps we should casually see each other first. i mean, love is a serious thing. plans have to be made and arranged for these committments.

jamie: seriously gonna crap my pants...

paul: Come to a show with a sign that says that. I'll certainly respond.

Upcoming Show Dates
02.23.03 Sandwich High School Sandwich, Illinois 6:00 PM $10 Cover Charge
03.09.03 The Hideout Sandwich, Illinois 5:00 PM $5 Cover Charge
04.09.2003 Sandwich High School Sandwich, IL 7 PM $4 Cover

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