Something Corporate is a great band from southern california that are getting pretty popular these days. yeah their songs are beautiful and full of emotion like many other bands but what sets them aside and makes them different from all the rest is that the lead singer plays a piano and not a guitar. that might not sound like much but in a world where a lot of bands sound exactly the same it's a nice change from the norm. and soco has perfected piano rock beautifully. i first heard of them in '02 when my friend mooley made me listen to "konstantine" over and over. it's pure emotion at it's best. you all should check them out.

*Band line up*
Andrew McMahon - piano/vocals
Josh Parington - guitar/vocals
William Tell - guitar/vocals
Clutch - bass
Brian Ireland - drums/vocals

coming soon!

*Tour Dates*

Costa Mesa, CA
Pacific Amphitheatre

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The Official Something Corporate Site

"if i could be your first real heartache i would do it over again if you could be my punk rock princess i would be your heroine.."