Wakefield is a really awesome up and coming band from mechanicsville, maryland who i see nothing but great things for in the future. i first heard of them about 2 years ago and fell in love with their music. i've been to a few of their shows and got the privilage of meeting aaron and getting his autograph in febuary. so that rocks, wakefield rocks and you'll rock too if you check out their show.

*Band line up*
Ryan Escolopio - Vocals,Guitar
J.D. Tennyson - Guitar,Vocals
Mike Schoolden - Bass,Vocals
Aaron Escolopio - Drums

coming soon!

*Tour Dates*

Knights of Columbus
Indianapolis, IN
w/ Reel Big Fish & Zebrahead

The Boathouse
Norfolk, VA
w/ Reel Big Fish & Zebrahead

Reading, PA
w/ Reel Big Fish & Zebrahead

House of Blues
New Orleans, LA
w/ Reel Big Fish & Zebrahead

The Fillmore
San Franciso, CA
w/ Reel Big Fish & Zebrahead

House of Blues
Anaheim, CA
w/ Reel Big Fish & Zebrahead

Click above picture to hear some mp3s.

The Official Wakefield Site

"does it have to be like this, now please take this off my ribs, we'll make believe this never happened. let it go it's in the past as you're looking at me with those eyes, acting like you're so surprised, what else can i possibly say, she had it coming anyway..."